A bit late because of a conditin, but here’s my part for viruul's #OnePieceCollab, Best Supernova Scratchmen Apoo!

Awaiting patiently for his return in the manga :Ic


Tennis Elbow

Don’t forget to stretch, kids!

digiridoo asked:
You're style (to me at least) is that of really smooth and fluid style that enhances whatever action or movement that is portrayed. It's also really cool in terms of fantasy or sci-fi designs.

Ahh, that’s cooool, I still need to improve on my dynamics but it’s nice to know I’m on the right track, thank you! <:

Describe my art style to me






I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

it would be really nice

Hesitantly and fearfully reblogs with immense curiosity

…I thought this would be a GREAT idea! Then realized I kind of style bounce all over. Still, if anyone wants to try? 

if you have time i’d love to hear


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I think that thing’s a little overkill for cutting cakes, but I guess she doesn’t seem to agree.

A little something something for Nighthead who is a really cool artist with super cool characters (like Cier, pictured here!) and who’s also having a birthday today! Go check out his artblog and DA too and give ‘em a look-see, and wish him a happy birthday while you’re at it!

Have an awesome birthday, dude!

Aw man this is really cute!! thanks a ton! ;w;

hmrm, aside from shirt designs, I don’t have much work to do these coming months. So I’m going to dedicate some time to studies and just getting a better grasp of technique - 3-


Happy Birthday Enrique!

I did this applying what i learned from your art. Hope you like it!

(His birthday is on 10th, but i were not able to wait xD)


Thanks a ton man, it looks amazing *u*

kenoutoften said: Preemptive happy birthday because I’ll probably forget ‘cause I’m bad at birthday dates. :v

THank ye!

optimisticartistic said: birthday buddiiiiiiiies :D

Yeeeee :D



Mech suit sword lady design mostly after listening to Sanageyama’s theme from Kill la Kill, hehe. Is good themee.

Updated with some revisions, thanks to a friend’s suggestions <:

Also just in case folks want to know, birthday’s coming up on the 10th > u>


Mech suit sword lady design mostly after listening to Sanageyama’s theme from Kill la Kill, hehe. Is good themee.

Drew a quick Kerub styled Teemo because why not, hehe

computer broke down a few days ago (again), so mostly spending time on the laptop doing hard brush studies. still super green but w/e, need to learn different things

Still in a bit of a rut, though I’m going to focus on developing this character and her world a bit more for what’s left of the month - 3-

romana-ii replied to your post: Actions and shapes!



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